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  • Life is a song of joy...
    This very life is a reflection of paradise
    This very body is buddha
    This very realm is the Heaven that we run after
    You are the very goal that you seek,
    Come enter and Find yourself

About Pradeepji

Pradeep Ji was born on 2nd Oct 1957 in the town of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. He has been a seeker since his younger days and has passed through many phases of life serving humanity.

And one fortunate day Pradeep Ji Vanished, there was no Pradeep Ji any more, the drop dissolved into ocean, The stream reached its source, the winds simply blew and the birds simply flew. Pradeep Ji became available to the higher dimensions of existence on the auspicious day of 18th July 1981.

When asked about what enlightenment is , He laughs and says" Comon, do not make so much fuzz about it, At a certain moment of journey you simply become completely aware that you are a part of this flow .Infact you are the Flow, And Thats it, Thats all. There is no need to add glamour to it, do not make it a Halo thingy. Stuff is simple, lighter and beautiful"

When he is asked where does this flow take him after being enlightened,
He replies," From Here to Here”

When Pradeep ji was asked about his views about religion,

He says “You are not here to fulfill a dream of Buddha or commandments of Moses, or orders of Jesus, nor are you upon this earth to practice austerities of Mahavira. You are not here to fit in any particular system of behavior or practice laid by others. You are not here to fulfill anything at all. You are here for Joy, you are here to flourish, you are here to bloom, you are here to rejoice and celebrate. You are here to Flow. Like a wind, like a stream, to glide like a cloud pregnant with bliss.

A cloud does not know any religion, nor a stream reads any bible to learn how to flow, nor does the wind go to any priest to ask how to move. Yet everything is in utter harmony with everything else. Everything in nature. The mountains, the trees, the melodious whistle that takes birth through the pines, the utter innocence in the cows eyes, the effortless growing of the grass. Everything is in utter harmony. They follow none, they follow nothing, they simply Exist and yet they are One. They do not fight with life, they merely Flow. Hence you will never see any donkey visiting a psychologist, nor will you see any wind visiting a geography lecture to know how to bring the beautiful monsoons every year.

Life is Happening, Constantly happening, effortlessly happening, and beautifully happening.

It is only man that fights with life, he always wants to swim against the current, he always got to prove and achieve something Always a wanton, always a miser and an eternal mourner. He is in constant effort to resist the Happening, and he spends his whole being in the act of " Making it happen" .He always wants to resist the flow but according to the very law of life " What you resist, Persists", for in the very act of resisting you are giving your whole attention towards the existence of the thing that you resist. Every moment you resist it you are feeding the problem with more life and energy, it does not get eliminated, and it simply grows bigger and stronger.

Hence , Learn to drift on the divine flow of life , the more you are attuned with the flow , the more integrated you become, the more you float, the more crystallization happens , the more you stop resisting the more you become one with the universe , and one day you vanish as You , and the alchemy happens.

You reach home. And there is nothing but utter Joy

This is the only religion”

Serene Wilderness
Milder winds
A bamboo leaf