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Now Samruddhicha Sakshatkar Part 2 in English

Wisdom of the Mountains.

(Book is now available in Paperback with us)

Quantum Awakening

Quantum awakening has been founded by Dr. Pradeep Pawar who is a psychologist..

Check out Dr. Pradeep Pawar's interview given to Life Positive Magazine.

I was introduced to Pradeep Pawar by a reader who sent me such an appreciative and obviously genuine mail about him that I was intrigued and decided to meet up.

Upcoming Events

A Free Session by Sir on Understanding Energy Dynamics of Money and His Experiments with Wealth and Success.
Scout Guide Hall, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai
Sunday, 19 January 6 PM
About Dr. Pradeep Pawar

Pradeep Pawar is a multifaceted personality blessed with an innate inclination to Fine Arts, Sculpture, Music, Writing, Acting and Self development.

Meenal Sathe
About Meenal

Meenal is the only legatee of Dr. Pradeep Pawar. Meenal is a trainer, facilitator & speaker on subjects of energy dynamics & energy psychology. She has been born & brought up in the shadows of rich spiritual culture.