About Dr. Pradeep Pawar

Pradeep Pawar is a multifaceted personality blessed with an innate inclination to Fine Arts, Sculpture, Music, Writing, Acting and Self development.

He is also a life coach with a spiritual orientation. He has been a maverick all along and prefers to understand life from an unconventional perspective.
He is a seeker from the age of 18 and has been fortunate to explore and experience the hidden dimensions of existence which are instrumental in unleashing one's true potential.

He is an author with many popular titles to his credit. He has been guiding people to free themselves from unsupportive programs and conditionings etched deep within the layers of their consciousness and facilitates to experience a life aligned to good health, wealth and happiness.

He is a developer of a life transforming technique namely 'Power Tapping' which is an offspring of Meridian tapping procedure. He has been sharing his understanding about myriad of subjects from Holistic Meditation to the Power of Prayer and from Spiritual healing to Creative visualisation. Thousands of people over the years have been benefited by his approach and his following has multiplied exponentially over the years.