About Meenal

Meenal is the only legatee of Dr. Pradeep Pawar. Meenal is a trainer, facilitator & speaker on subjects of energy dynamics & energy psychology. She has been born & brought up in the shadows of rich spiritual culture.

Her quest since childhood to understand the basic fundamentals of life & all that, that could create an impact on human existence from birth to death & beyond, from thoughts to manifestation, from poverty to money, from religion to spirituality, from bhakti to mukti lead her to the world of quantum physics.

Understanding & mastering various tools & techniques of energy dynamics like (EFT, Power Tapping, Creative Visualization, Access consciousness, Reki, Theta healing, Angels healing). She has not only been able to transform her life, but has been instrumental in shaping the life of thousands.

At this young age she is blessed with powerful oratory skills, a divine acumen to understand the most complex aspects of human behaviour & human mind & guide people to empower their lives for nearly more than a decade.

She holds a post graduation in management, a degree in Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Aroma Therapy, Bach flower remedies & is a student of homeopathy.

With this unique blend of science & spirituality she conducts the following workshops.

  • Law of Attraction & Law of Manifestation.
  • The Secret beyond the Secret.
  • The money matrix manifestation.
  • The Awakened Entrepreneur.
  • Awaken the Genius Within.
  • Food for life (A complete health manual).
  • Power Tapping™ Level 1 – 4.
  • Heal Your Heart (The complete Relationship guide).
  • Stress management & performance excellence programs.

She grooms & coaches sports students for national & international matches for concentration, focus, attitude training & excellence.

She is very popular amongst the audiences (specially the youth) for being articulate, witty & having a phenomenal command over her subject.

A very pleasant & dynamic personality that leaves audience awestruck.

To know more about Meenal visit www.quantumawakening.in

You can also see her popular videos on YouTube

  • Meenal speaks on 10 habits that you should never follow ( Part 1-6 ).
  • Meenal speaks on why bad things happen to good people.
  • Money Upasana.
  • Secret beyond the Secret.