Now Samruddhicha Sakshatkar Part 2 in English

Wisdom of the Mountains.

(Book is now available in Paperback with us)

The book - Wisdom of the Mountains part 1 has, over the past few years, given many people an entirely different outlook to make life healthy, happy and prosperous. 
Readers didn't just read the book ; they experienced it. It gave people an enormous support, but moreover it awakened intuition in them.

This book - The Wisdom of the Mountains part 2 moves along and ahead using the thread left behind by the first part. 
The book consists of an attempt by the author to analyse various aspects of life through his viewpoint. 
He has attempted to put forth a fresh outlook towards understanding - 

  • Health
  • Love
  • Money
  • Progress
  • Issues
  • Obstacles
  • Relationships
  • Death
  • Religion
  • Spirituality etc, by going deeper into them. 

Those, who are unhappy and grappling with life on inside and outside, shall truly realise the truth that is at the core of life when they understand the principles given in this book. 
That would give them an insight into shaping their lives the way they want... That's the objective of the book