Power Tapping


We live in a world which is energetic in nature. Everything that we experience as solid is also energy at it's core and that's why everything vibrates and has a frequency. We as human beings also vibrate and have our own frequencies which affect our lives positively or negatively. It is not what we 'think' that determines our frequency but it is our being at it's core that governs it. Negative emotions like - Fear, Hatred, Lack, Guilt and Grief which are coded at our cellular level influence our frequency and we tend to experience those kinds of life situations as per the law of Resonance. We are at times not even aware that we carry a lot of toxicity in the form of suppressed negative emotions that contribute to our frequency.

Power Tapping™ is a miraculous technique adapted from Meridian Tapping Procedure which helps release the toxicity stuck at the core of our being and thereby change our vibratory frequency to experience more of Success, Wellbeing, Love, Joy and Peace. Power Tapping releases oneself from the shackles of negativity and atunes to experience life at it's fullest. In order for this life transforming technique to reach as many people as possible and for them to get a first hand  experience of it's effectiveness, We offer Power Tapping™ workshop absolutely FREE. This gives oneself an opportunity to learn and apply the technique at a very modest price and experience the benefits it offers.
For those who experience the effectiveness of this technique are then offered next level programs to increase their understanding.

In short Power Tapping™ is a technique which offers the experience to have more clarity about the dynamics of life, develop deeper understanding of how vibratory frequencies emanating from us influence our lives and how to position/align oneself to experience more of Success, Wealth, Abundance, improvement in health conditions, experience better relationships in family and society at large, strengthen one's core to handle challenging situations effectively, be in control of one's emotions and finally awaken the hidden potential that lies dormant in each one to be able to drift on the current of life effortlessly.

Experiencing Power Tapping is indeed a life transforming opportunity.